Military Printable Art

Military related products to meet the needs of modern military families.

Minimalistic line maps for 'where the military sends us' walls - custom to any location. Mixed media military base posters - also available for any location. These make perfect PCS/retirement gifts.

T-Shirts / tanks / mugs / socks to celebrate your military lifestyle in style. Custom homecoming shirts - sizes; baby, toddler, kids, adults.

Deployment journals to make sure you thrive, not only survive, through deployment by staying accountable, planning your time wisely and tracking habits.

If there are any designs you see, but you would prefer them on a different product, please let me know by dropping me a message on any platform.

**I create lists of items and ideas to aid military life in general - kids books, non-profits, podcasts to listen to, military spouse small businesses etc. **

Hello, My name is Georgina and I am the owner of Military Printable Art.

I create designs for military related products. I was becoming frustrated by not being able to find trendy, military related clothing. Everything I could find was the typical slogan tees, or silhouetted soldiers holding guns with the US flag placed near or behind them. I rarely see my service member wearing uniform, let along holding a large weapon. These items just didn't represent what the military lifestyle meant to me in day to day life.

Whether you are AD, reserves, a veteran, married to or related to a service member - the military is an undercurrent , sometimes calm and sometimes forceful, throughout your daily life. It isn't always about combat. We don't have to have the tough, athletic persona. Let's bridge the gap and normalize the mundane, military lifestyle.

Here is a little bit more about me;

  • US Army wife

  • Prior elementary teacher

  • British

  • Mum of two (both under 3)

  • Advocate for military children / spouses / families

  • Lived in; UK, Thailand, Okinawa - Japan, WA - USA

I started this buisness in the hopes of ;

  1. Helping other military families. Giving them a voice. Providing them with resources to make their lives a little easier.

  2. To create beautiful wall art to celebrate the locations military families have lived. To create cute PCS gifts.

  3. To advocate for military families - to normalize our lifestyle and share resources available to (check out our Pinterest page).



'Absolutely beautiful picture so dramatic and yet peaceful at the same time.. The colours are so impressive I absolutely love it thank you so much. It arrived so quickly very impressive thank you.'

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