Ultimate list of picture books for military children

**Updated April, 2021**

The best way to make sure your children; feel like their family is represented, see that other children deal with seperations and moves, can explain to their friends how they may be feeling... is through the use of picture books.

Many of these books were written by military families. When my children get to school age, I plan to gift each classroom they enter with age appropriate military life books for the classroom library - so their civilian peers can read them and get a glimpse of what it may be like for their friends.

Links to the Amazon pages for each book if you click on the photo, title or description. These links are affiliate links - not promoted or asked by anyone to include their books, this is a list of the books I like to use with my family and that I know other people have found useful to have in their library. Using these links is at no extra cost to you in any way.